St. Columba’s
Scottish  Episcopal  Church

Queen Street
IV12 4AA

Registered Charity No. SC 016094

Rector:  The Dean, The Very Rev. Alison J Simpson

Deacon, Revd.Kathryn Sanderson


St.Columba's is Open for Service's

The Church is open for Sunday Eucharist at 10:30am.

Please wear a face covering and observe the 2M social distancing.

The sacrement will be brought to you rather than you coming to the altar.
(Please let us know if you need a gluten free wafer)

Please be guided by the stewards and remember to book in for Sunday services
by calling Revd Kathryn on 01667 451269

Wednesday Eucharists begins at 10am. Services are in the church.
You do not need to book in for Wednesday services.

Any names for the Prayer List should be given to the Steward or to the person leading
intercessions. There is a list in the porch of those leading prayers.

The childrens area of the church is now partly restored and there are crayons, books and some tous for the children.

Dear Friends, Sunday services are up and running at our usual time of 10.30am. Please contact Kathryn and tell her (01667 451269) if you want to come to church. I know it is a pest to do this every week but it means you don’t have to sign into the church when you arrive and it allows us to comply with the church and government guidelines. Please remember and bring your liturgy book if you have received one!!!.
Social distancing rules apply, wear a mask to come in and out and the stewards will keep you right from there. There is no singing (yet!) but we will have music and we also have some technology which enables us to show you the liturgy and the notices on a digital screen – thanks to Michael and Pat Ellison for helping us with this. Please appreciate that the church is not going to look quite like you remember, but we have tried to make it as homely as we can. And, it goes without saying, please listen and be guided by the stewards, they are there to keep everyone safe.

SERVICES – Sunday Eucharist will be a shortened service and initially, it will just be the celebrant participating. Communion will be in one kind only and we will explain when you come how you will receive your communion. Wednesday midweek services will be at 10am and that service will also be in the church for the time being. You will not need to phone Kathryn for the Wednesday service but you will need to sign in when you come.
We are preparing a protocol for home communion so we can take the sacrament to those who feel anxious or unable to come to church at this time. This news sheet and the Sunday online reflections will continue as will the study group.

Please continue to pray for the life of our congregation and our community, particularly those whose lives have been affected by the virus, those whose treatment and operations have been delayed and all the traders and businesses in the town and the surrounding area are, like us, adjusting to a different reality.

Is there anyone interested in stewarding our services please speak to the Rector. Likewise if you would like to resume reading or leading intercessions please speak to Alison.

Childrens Area of the church is now partly restored and there are crayons, books and some toys for the children.

St Columba’s, Queen Street, Nairn, IV12 4AA



Dear Friends

The first snowdrops have been appearing in the church grounds for a few weeks now reminding us all, even in the midst of winter storms, that spring is coming; and with the new season, the beginning of Lent. This year we have made a conscious effort to focus our attention on our relationship with the natural world and how climate change and destruction of the environment affects us all. Scripture encourages us to be good stewards of God’s creation and our Celtic ancestors also had much to say about living in harmony with the natural world. We have chosen a simple little booklet to guide our thoughts and actions through the season. It is part of the Church of England’s “Live Lent” series and there are copies available at the back of the church for people to take and use as they wish. If you do take a booklet you will quickly discover that it offers prayers, reflections and some small challenges, such as picking up litter, using public transport or walking instead of taking the car; collecting plastic from the beach etc. All little reminders of the small ways in which we can make a difference to the world around us. We also have another resource called “Journey into Freedom” which is available as a book and as an online course. It is an Ignatian based daily pattern of reading and reflection and there will be regular opportunities to get together with others following the same course. More details of how this will work will be available in the weekly Notice Sheets and Carol has written an article for this magazine which will help you decide if this is something you might like to explore – please speak to Carol if you are interested. 4 In preparation for Easter we have the usual range of services during Holy Week which are being prepared and planned as this magazine is going out. The details we have so far are available in the list of services and I hope that we will each find something in this season which enables us to draw a little closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and celebrate the joy of Easter when it comes. Wishing you every blessing for the season of Lent and Easter.

Dean Alison



Dean Alison J Simpson and Rev. Kathryn Sanderson